Signal 13 – Call to Action Newsletter – December 2023

Please Show your Support for Signal 13 

As we celebrate the holidays with our friends and family, please remember the hundreds of police officers who will be away from theirs. That’s the sacrifice police make when they are sworn to protect. They miss holidays and birthdays and countless other family events to serve the people of Baltimore, and they know they can be called into service at any time of day.

The Signal 13 Foundation is a local nonprofit that supports Baltimore Police with unexpected financial hardship grants and college scholarships for their children. We rely on the generous donations of individuals, companies, and foundations to continue our work. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to Signal 13 before the end of the year to show your support for Baltimore’s brave first responders. Police give up many things we take for granted and they need all the support they can get.

Celebrating 40 Years 

In 2023, Signal 13 celebrated its 40th anniversary in grand style. During an awards ceremony for police officers, Signal 13 was presented with its own award by the Baltimore Police Department for its 40 years of service. It was a true honor to stand with those so worthy of recognition. Please take a few minutes to watch this video which tells the story of what Signal 13 is all about.

Celebrating First Responders  

Celebrating our first responders was the goal of a Heroes Salute at Jimmy’s Famous Seafood earlier this year where we honored Sergeant Kenneth Ramberg who was severely injured during a traffic stop. Sergeant Ramberg and his wife Luana talked to Signal 13 CEO Nancy Hinds about the experience and what Signal 13’s support meant to their family.

Sergeant Isaac Carrington’s Journey 

There are very few people who can silence an entire room with their story but that’s what Sergeant Isaac Carrington did at a recent fundraiser hosted by the Atlas Restaurant Group.  Sergeant Carrington was the keynote speaker and shared his very personal story of living his life in a wheelchair after being shot outside of his home. He is very grateful for the support Signal 13 provided.

Turkeys For Cops Event

That event at the Monarque raised money to buy 1100 turkeys for Baltimore City Police. This has become an annual tradition for the holidays and one police look forward to every year. Thank you to our sponsors and the Atlas Restaurant Group for your partnership. Several Signal 13 Board members helped hand out the turkeys over two days in November.

 Family Fun Day at the Zoo 

Signal 13 paid tribute to every police officer in Baltimore at its inaugural Family Day at the Zoo event this fall. Hundreds of police officers and civilians attended with their families. Thank you to our Board volunteers and sponsors who made this year’s fundraising event the most successful ever. What a great way to show your support and thank the police for their service to Baltimore.

Signal 13 College Scholarships

Scholarships are another important way Signal 13 helps our police families. This year, Signal 13 granted $143,000 in scholarships to 65 kids. Police officers like everyone else struggle to put their kids through college on a modest salary, and the Signal 13 Board feels strongly that college tuition should not be one of their worries. Nick Brennan is a previous recipient of a 4-year scholarship. You just have to talk to him for a few minutes to understand the impact our scholarships have on a family budget. Nick is working in the Justice Department. He grew up in a law enforcement family and is following in the footsteps of his father and stepfather.

Thank You for Your Support 

And finally, thank you to our many partners and supporters for helping Signal 13 make an impact on so many lives, including the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 3 and the Baltimore Police Department for everything you do to support our brave men and women in blue. Happy holidays to you and your family!

Our Mission

Formed in 1983 by Police Commissioner Frank J. Battaglia with help from prominent philanthropists and business owners, the Signal 13 Foundation is an independent, nonprofit 501(c)(3) committed to supporting the men and women of the Baltimore City Police Department with financial hardship grants and scholarships for their families. For more information, go to


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