Ways to Support

It’s like passing the hat to the entire Baltimore community.

Traditionally, when an officer experiences a personal crisis, particularly a financial hardship, fellow officers often pitch in to help by passing a hat from person to person at Roll Call, to collect donations and contributions.

The aim of the Signal 13 Foundation is to support and expand on such gallant efforts, but in a more consistent and intentional manner by providing financial assistance in the form of small, no-obligation grants. Our goal is to offer welcome relief and peace of mind to department personnel during times of distress, provide opportunities for active-duty members and their families to grow, and ensure a healthy and vital relationship with the public.

Although the traditional passing of the hat will never entirely be replaced, the Signal 13 Foundation offers a unique way for charitable civilians and police personnel alike to support the tireless efforts of Baltimore City’s active-duty members and help them thrive, on and off the job.

If this sounds like the kind of organization you wish to support, then we encourage you to make a donation today. You’ll be supporting a passionate, dedicated group of people who have the drive to make a difference, the desire to contribute to the operation of a vital resource, and the commitment it takes to make the communities we serve — Baltimore and beyond — a better place.

Please click on the donate button below 

or, make a donation by mailing a check to the PO Box below:

The Signal 13 Foundation
732 Deepdene Road
P.O. Box 5661
Baltimore, MD 21210-9997

Corporate Partner Program

Why do corporations give to nonprofits? Today, it’s not enough for companies to simply sell a good product. Partnering with nonprofit organizations benefits for-profit companies and nonprofits have a lot to offer. In order to build a successful partnership, it’s important to understand a business’s motivation:

  • Employee satisfaction:
  • Professional development:
  • Public Image:
  • Marketing:

In the past few years, the rise of B-Corporations has signified a clear shift in strategy among corporations. To be certified as a B-Corporation, a company must “meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.” Increasingly, other for-profit companies are declaring their role in the fight for social change, and are working to do their part for collective impact efforts. Partnering with the Signal 13 Foundation will provide your company and employees significant benefits beyond your investment. Learn more about our Corporate Partnership program here.

Events and Event Sponsorships

Each year, Signal 13 has several events to bring the City of Baltimore, business owners, and the police community together at social events to raise money to support Signal 13 and the work done to help police officers and their families through grants and scholarships. Click here for more information on the 2024 events.

Annual Fund, ways to support year around

The Signal 13 Foundation has many great ways to support Baltimore police and police families on an ongoing basis.  For more information, please contact CEO Nancy Hinds at 443-442-7576 or nancy.hinds@signal13foundation.org.

  • Monthly Donor – Online through PayPal
  • Annual Donor
  • Payroll Deduction through United Way
  • Stock Gift
  • Legacy Gift
  • Adopt a Cop Program

Capital Campaign

Times have changed for police in Baltimore. It is tougher now than ever before to be a police officer, but the need for a strong police force has never been greater. The Baltimore Police Department is short hundreds of police officers and those in the ranks are retiring at record levels. Baltimore needs police officers who feel supported and are committed to the safety and quality of life for its citizens.

The Signal 13 Foundation Board made the bold decision to launch a $5 million capital campaign to secure the legacy of Signal 13 and its impact on police families for years to come. The Baltimore Police Department continues to struggle with the recruitment and retention of qualified police officers who often leave the department after a couple of years to work in nearby jurisdictions with higher pay. With your support, the Signal 13 Foundation can help reverse that trend by providing more resources for our first responders. Retaining qualified and experienced police officers should be a priority for everyone who cares about Baltimore.

Click here to learn more on how you can help and become part of the Capital Campaign for Signal 13.