Signal 13 Launches a New Website

Highlighting the personal stories of Baltimore Police Officers

The Signal 13 Foundation is a local nonprofit that supports Baltimore Police personnel with
unexpected financial hardship grants and college scholarships. In many cases, Signal 13 is a
lifeline for police families struggling to get back on their feet. Signal 13 also fills an important
gap and lessens the financial burden of providing a quality education for their children.

The redesigned website highlights the personal stories of the men and women in the Baltimore
Police Department who, like us, are mothers and fathers working hard to support their families
and put their kids through college. Their circumstances may differ, but, at some point, support
from the Signal 13 Foundation came at an important time for many of these families.

Signal 13 has come to the aid of hundreds of police families who need support. This year, the
Foundation helped to buy a mobility van for a police sergeant who lost the use of his legs after
being shot outside his home. Signal 13 also provided critical support to a young father severely
injured in a training exercise who is struggling to pay his mortgage; and Signal 13 was there for a
sergeant who was shot while trying to save the life of others. The department is hailing him as a

Since 2010, Signal 13 has awarded more than $1.4 million in grants and college scholarships to
the children of Baltimore Police personnel, both sworn officers and civilians. Every dollar of
Signal 13’s support comes from individual donations, foundations, and corporate grants.

The new site is powered by WordPress Content Management System (CMS), a powerful,
scalable, and secure website platform which makes up 35 percent of all current online domains.
The site is optimized to be fully responsive on all devices including phones and tablets.

Visit to learn more about the ways you can support the Signal 13
Foundation and the brave men and women of the Baltimore Police Department who risk their
lives to protect the citizens and businesses in Baltimore.

About Signal 13

Formed in 1983 by Police Commissioner Frank J. Battaglia with help from prominent
philanthropists and business owners, the Signal 13 Foundation is an independent, not-for-profit
501(c)(3) committed to supporting the men and women of the Baltimore City Police Department
with grants and scholarships for their families. For more information, go to