Signal 13 Video Interview with Three Generations of a Baltimore Police Family

Meet Retired Sergeant Jim Brokus, Sr., Detective Sergeant Jim Brokus Jr., and  Officer Jim Brokus III.

Three Generations of Baltimore police officers speak to Signal 13 Foundation CEO Nancy Hinds about their life on the Baltimore streets and why they became police officers. 


Proud to Wear the Badge

In this video, hear how three generations of the Brokus Police family have been able to pass their badges from one generation to another with help from the Baltimore Police Department.

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Formed in 1983 by Police Commissioner Frank J. Battaglia with help from prominent philanthropists and business owners, the Signal 13 Foundation is an independent 501(c)(3) committed to supporting the men and women of the Baltimore City Police Department with financial hardship grants and college scholarships for their children. For more information, go to

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