Strength in Unity: The Role of Baltimore Police Spouses in Building Resilience and Support

The spouses of Baltimore City Police are the bedrock of any family. As Kasima Bolt described it, “you have to be strong to be the wife of a police officer.” As Luana Ramberg said, police families need an “army of spouses” to support them during difficult times. Kasima and Luana know the dangers that come with the job all too well. Both of their husbands were injured in the line of duty and were helped by the Signal 13 Foundation. Now, they want to give back and help other spouses going through the same thing. They are working with Signal 13 to start the Baltimore Police Spouses Facebook page and  recently talked to CEO Nancy Hinds to explain why it is needed.




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We have a small favor to ask. Thousands of Baltimore Police families have trusted the Signal 13 Foundation to support them during difficult times and when they need assistance paying for college for their kids.
Like other nonprofits, Signal 13’s funding depends on generous donations from individuals, companies and foundations. We can’t do what we do for Baltimore City Police in times of need without your support. Requests for assistance are increasing and we rarely turn a grant or scholarship applicant down.
Signal 13 is celebrating 40 years of helping Baltimore City Police, and the Board’s goal is to do even more to make their lives a little easier during stressful times. We do this because we believe in supporting the brave men and women in the Baltimore Police Department who put their lives on the line everyday to protect us and the city we love.
Support the Signal 13 Foundation so we can continue to help Baltimore City Police officers during difficult times like Sergeant Kenneth Ramberg who is still recovering from a line of duty injury in June 2022. You can give as little as $1 a day – it only takes a minute. Please consider supporting Signal 13 with a monthly donation that is automatically charged to your credit card if you can. Once you set it up, you don’t have to do a thing. Thank you.

Thank you for your support of Signal 13. We look forward to making an even bigger impact in the lives of Baltimore City Police in 2023, our 40th year! To support Baltimore City Police and their families, please click on the donate button below.

About Signal 13

Formed in 1983 by Police Commissioner Frank J. Battaglia with help from prominent philanthropists and business owners, the Signal 13 Foundation is an independent, nonprofit 501(c)(3) committed to supporting the men and women of the Baltimore City Police Department with financial hardship grants and scholarships for their families. For more information, go to


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