Thank you WMAR TV for promoting the great work the Signal 13 Foundation does on behalf of the brave men and women of the Baltimore City Police Department.

BALTIMORE (WMAR) — When police hear the alert tone of a signal 13, they know it’s a call for a fellow officer needing help.

“When a police officer needs help, and things are going really bad, with what’s going on in the street, you’re in a life saving battle at that point,” said Bill Shiflett.

It’s exactly the position in which Shiflett found himself on July 15, 2019 while working as a Baltimore Police sergeant.

He had just finished his midnight shift and was going to help out on day work since they were short staffed on supervisors.

On his way to take care of police business, a call came in about a shooting at the Man Alive Clinic in North Baltimore.

Seconds after turning on his body camera, Shiflett pulled up on scene, and shortly after he was under fire.

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